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Andrew Paolini is a multi-talented musician, composer, and sound designer who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Andrew developed a passion for music at a young age and honed his skills as a drummer in several bands that toured across the United States and Europe. He contributed to multiple albums and gained valuable experience as a performer.


Andrew's dedication to his craft led him to pursue a degree in Contemporary Music Production at Berklee School of Music, where he was awarded both the Berklee Thrive Scholarship and the Achievement Scholarship. During his time at Berklee, Andrew discovered his passion for composing music for visual media, including film, TV, and video games.


Since graduating, Andrew has composed dozens of cues to be included in libraries for Discovery Networks, CBS Sports, E!, and several streaming platforms. He also released a 5-song EP as electronic artist “Pao,” which showcased his unique style and creativity. However, his interest soon turned towards the technical side of implementing audio for interactive media, which led him to explore the field of sound design.


Today, Andrew focuses his efforts on composing music and designing sounds for video games. He has worked on several projects with different independent game development teams, earning a reputation as a highly sought-after composer and sound designer in the industry. Andrew's ability to create immersive soundscapes and captivating music has made his work integral to the success of the projects he takes on.


 Andrew continues to seek out new challenges and opportunities to grow and evolve as a composer, sound designer, and artist. He takes great care in understanding the artistic vision of his collaborators and ensuring that his work aligns with their creative goals. Andrew's passion for audio and dedication to his craft make him a valuable asset to any project he undertakes.

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